Thursday, 25 July 2013

Practicing Gratitude, 25/07/2013

-Thankful to those who celebrated my 21st Birthday with me. Especially my family!

-Thankful to those who put up with my dramas in planning and prepping my 21st.

-Thankful for those who helped set up and with particular tasks throughout the night.

-Spending 3 weeks having some me and chill time while on bed-rest for my wrist/tendon injury.

-Beautiful Lunch in Matakana for my Aunt Claire's 30th Birthday.

-Meeting the sweet man Matthew my big sister has fallen in love with.

-Seeing my precious sister.

-Visiting Napier and seeing precious friends and babes, eating lots of good food.

-Bonnies Cupcakes.

-Beautiful friends amazing hospitality yet again for a quick auckland overnighter.

-Three days in the middle of nowhere with my brother and gorgeous nieces!

- Four Days on the farm in Motueka with my AMAZING adopted family! Love the craziness of their household and the love, life and blessing they bring to my life!

-Spending time with my precious blonde haired siblings! My girl Zarah full of love and life!

-Spending time with my blessing of an adoptive Mum... she holds me when I need to be held, speaks words of wisdom over me and loves me like all her other children!

-Celebrating my nieces 8th Birthday with her! Such a blessing!

-Watching a lambs life be saved and getting to hear of Barney's four day life after I left!

-Starting an amazing university placement.

-Working with an amazing bunch of Woman at my placement.

-Being attacked with wax and walking away being told my eyebrows look amazing continually. (My boss said i was a bitch cause my eyebrows and eyes are so amazing)

-Having the energy and courage to blog tonight!

-Feeling positive!

Love you all xx

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Life still continues...

I cannot believe I haven't written since July, Crazy!!!

So much has happened!

We bought a house and now reside in a beautiful sun filled Devonport unit! Completely north facing and stunning views!

Christmas was a low key event where I just hung with some extended family at my cousins house in Red Beach!

New Years was again a low key event where I enjoyed the free views of everyone on the north shores fireworks whilst snuggled up on my couch!

And it's 2013!!!! Woah where has time gone? Last year of Uni and hopefully this time next year I'll be diving into a full time job!

I'm at summer school at the moment so busy busy! Family have been and are still visiting over the next few weeks and I'm preparing to farewell my bestie and nephew to oz which is a sad sad event! Will miss them a milly!

2013 is going to be a massive year with Uni, cooperative education and a family trip to Asia!
Oh and did I mention I'm 21 in June? Planning has started for a party to get the chance to hang out with besties and family and friends!

Wanna say a quick thank you to everyone who's stood by my during the good and bad times of 2012 and for those who continue to thank you in advance!

I love you all a milly and cannot wait to continue on the life of journey together!

Much love! Xxx

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Blessed and Incredibly Thankful....!

Since my last post I've had a few things to be thankful that have left me feeling incredibly blessed and thankful for my life and the people in it!

-Blessed these BEAUTIFUL chicks in my life spent the evening with me on my Birthday!

-Lunch with this Beautiful woman and her son who I LOVE to bits on my Birthday!

-Getting to act like a big kid on my birthday! Having the night of my life and hitting the casino after a great dinner out!

- Being a prisoner at MOTAT

- Just fun times at MOTAT

-Self Portraits with the cutest nephew Zhion!

- 10 weeks and he's already keen enough to hold his own bottle!

- Cheeky grin!

- Crazy wildness at camp!

-Goodnight stories and hugs with my cabin at camp!

- Watching Beautiful Bethany get ready for her seventh form ball!

- Hanging with the sis in chch!

-Ethans new jacket!


- New Glasses!


-Dinner magic!

-Hospital Visit =(

-Smiling Zhion


Friday, 4 May 2012


Thankful to have met my nephew Zhion Ezekiel Rapana <3 only 1 week old here!

Thankful for some fun loving time with little Ethan at Butterfly Creek!

The tramp at butterfly creek is AMAZING!

Blessed with a bunny after the Butterfly creek adventures! Name to come soon!

This past week i struggled, i struggled to smile, I struggled to Love, I struggled with life.... But someone who has been amazingly supportive in my life went out of her way to make me smile and love life again. She is amazing and I'm thankful she came to be in my life!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! #Blessed!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Beautiful Bea! =)

I have a beautiful friend, her names Bethany! No matter how far away she is she still knows how to make me smile and make the tears go away! I love you lots!


You're friendship over the past few years has meant the world to me. You mean the world to me! Your someone I can always count on, to laugh with, to cry with and most of all be myself with!! I never thought I'd know what it felt like to have true friends, then I met you! We've had a strong bond right from the start and I think I'd be lost without you!
We've had some amazing times together, made some lifelong memories, and most importantly we've held on through the tough times we've been a shoulder for each other to cry on, and we've always known the right words to say. =)
I feel blessed not only to have you in my life but to call you one of my best friends. I will cherish our friendship as long as I live. You amaze me with your strength, love, endurance and passion for life! I'm so proud of you and all you do and of course the size of your heart and love for everyone and everything!

I love you to the moon and back!

Love Laura xx

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Small things that make the heart smile!

Lately my life has been filled with busyness. There's been no time to stop and chill and just do what I wanna do.

But theres been some things thats made my heart stop and smile!
- spending a day with this cheeky smile! Kelly Tarltons to Mission Bay, penguins, playground and swimming! Ended in a 2 block walk carrying a sleeping little monkey back to his mum at work after he fell asleep in the car! Spending the day with him made me smile, it made my heart smile and it made me Happy! It made me feel just like I used to around kiddies!

-celebrating a new friends 21st Birthday with a bunch of amazing girls who make my life here bearable! Without you I don't think I could keep on smiling at all! Hanging out with you always creates a nice memory! I love you!

-being involved in McRush's family dinner for Ronald McDonald House, 300 burgers and 70 nugget happy meals were prepared and delivered to RMH for dinner one sunday night. Was so awesome to see how stoked the families were to be getting Maccas!

- Lunch with a beautiful friend from my Hewett House days! Even if she was a tad hungover! Love ya Ash!

- Making the most and having some fun out of Biscuit Season!
-Attempted to learn cafe at work and experiment a little!

In amongst all these fun times and good things that have made my heart smile, my heart has been challenged!

Yesterday I said goodbye to my sister, her Auckland Chapter is officially closed for now. I actually shed a tear as I walked away from her car into my flat. It's official, I'm alone, my parents and brother live 600kms away on opposite sides of the island from each other, and well my sister, her ferry crossing to Christchurch is on thursday and then we're officially in seperate islands again. Last year with her was a challenge, but AMAZING she left home when I was 5 so it was the first time we've lived together that I can actually remember! I miss her already!

I was blessed by uni to get a ticket to Parachute, this meant I also had the opportunity to carry-on down to Napier for a couple days and so I did! It was great fun! I didn't want to leave. And then 72 hours after arriving in Auckland again I got the phone call,  someone who I hadn't seen for so long, but someone who knew how to make me smile had laugh had been promoted to Glory.
Only one week earlier had he finally processed my insurance claim which had been lost amongst other things for the past year. Our insurance broker, one of Hawkes Bay's most reputable bussiness men lost his life, he left behind 3 young boys, younger than me and a beautiful strong wife. The part that I found the hardest to comprehend was how they stood so strong at his funeral after seeing him pass right before their eyes. They were so content, like they knew he was in the best place.

Just a few days ago marked the first year anniversary since my 12 year old neighbour, a lively and fun, caring and loveable young guy was taken from this earth, taken way too suddenly and early. After having been his mums rock during her battle with lukemia during the previous year it was such a shock and battle for this tight knitted family to lose such a bubbly energetic man. It reminded me that life is too short to ponder over the little things.

I was also remincing over the good old times at high School, my rebellious days where such a beautiful fun loving chick taught me all the do's and don'ts about successfully rebelling! That beautiful girl had our whole year group in tears the day we heard that she'd been diagnosed with lukemia when we were all so young at HS, how would our tight class cope without her bubbly smile, and cheeky personality to make us laugh was all we could think. Now i owe it to Nikki, such a beautiful chick who I know is watching down on everyone right now! Her strength and beauty is something I admire and I feel blessed to have now had a glimpse at where she was all those years during HS as we slept in our own beds, ate homecooked meals everynight and spent each day with our friends by our sides. We as her classmates were her biggest threat once she was diagnosed. Except for when she was well enough to be in Napier and I passed her on the streets FB was the only place I saw this beautiful chick in the past few years!

Lifes too short to worry what people think, if you've got tears rolling down your face it shouldn't be a matter of someone fussing over you and making you feel like a baby, a simple loving hug and smile never goes astray.
Hug those you love often, thank those who support always, smile for tomorrows worth seeing.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Looking forward....

As 2012 approaches- Scary I know!

I'm caught looking back on the past year,

* I travelled to Sydney by myself!
* I moved away from home, away from the norm and into the big wide world..... AUCKLAND!
* I began and completed my first year of my Bachelor of Business at AUT University.
* I got my first ever job, at McDonald's Britomart and have the best network of friends there! Supportive, loving, caring and helpful =)
* I've continually prayed and thought about my loved ones in Christchurch.
* Every day i've missed my friends.
* November 11th marked a year since I braved the bald and shaved my lid for a brave kid!

It's been a year since I finished high school, since i embarked on a new path and parted with my sisters i'd spent 5 long, hard, exciting years with! 5 AMAZING years!

Every month theres a new 1st time...
In January I travelled abroad alone alone.
February i not only moved out of home but moved cities.
In March I started at Kakamai Guides- my first time as a guide leader...
April, flew to Napier for the first time as an Aucklander...
May, did my first mammoth road trip to Napier
June I had my first birthday away from my mum and dad.
July visited chch for the first time since Sept 2010
August went on guide camp instead of Midland division kids camp. AND got a job.
September went to a rugby world cup match
October finished my first year of university, moved into a real flat...
November remembered the sacrifice i made a year earlier... without those who supported me the year before...
December spent my first christmas unwillingly away from home. Away from my friends. 

All these things so little and insignificant have been massive challenges for me, massive learning curves and a massive emotional and physical battle.

I'm thankful for unconditionally supportive friends and family, my saviour who never leaves nor forsakes me and most of all the love given to me daily by all!

Hugs xx